Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum! I Smell the Blood of an Internet Troll

Posted on June 13, 2012


Internet TrollWe all know these days that, much like everything else, bullying has gone viral. Internet trolls abound. You think people had too much time on their hands before the invention of the internet. Before people gossiped and bullied with their local friends, maybe WAY back in the day they sent letters. Now one comment on a social media site has thousands viewers and a multitude of ways to hurt people. If you don’t watch the nerd news channels recently the geek goddess herself Felicia Day has come under fire. For multiple reasons, all of them pretty unfounded. Luckily she has a lot of supporters and self-confidence to face down the haters. But because of some of the comments I felt compelled to add my message to the interwebs. First watch the two videos and I’ll offer my analysis. Then we’ll look at some of the comments people posted. What they mean in the context of geek culture as I know it. After the jump!

The first video is the third of The Guild‘s promotional music videos. The first two (just google them, I’m too lazy to look them up for you) are really just about mmo gamers, they don’t say much in the social sense.  Not at all like this new one.  This shows a whole new side of Ms. Day and I applaud her for it. The fact that she’s gotten so much blow back over it (which I’ll actually dispute later) proves that she was doing something worthwhile!  What visionary ever had a perfect path the tread with flowers growing all along it? Some people criticized her for making such a mainstream video when she was disputing being mainstream. But that’s what is so genius about it! Taking a mainstream media and using it for a geek message. I think it’s brilliant.

THEN! On top of that she release a COUNTRY MUSIC video about gamers and kickers (Texas term for country boys) falling in love. The only problem I had with the first video is that its a little cliche about geek stereotypes. But, its for entertainment and stereotypes don’t exist for no reason.  I’ll be honest, I suffered mostly in silence from loneliness from my nerdiness growing up.  But this video totally negates the stereotypicalness of the first! Although personally I will say most country boys are exactly as shallow as you think they are. I can speak from experience. But the message in this video is a great one. You can find nerd love in the most unlikeliest of places.  So although I take note of the blatant nerd victim stereotype perpetuated by the first video, the second video proves that Felicia Day is as deep in her career as she is as a person!

What led me to do a little digging was Felicia Day mentioning on her Twitter all the negative feedback she’s gotten lately. I dug around in the comments on the first video to see what the fuss was all about. It all seemed to focus around one particular trolltastic user’s comments. I love the people who jumped to Felicia’s defense and some of the comments are pretty interesting . They have given me a lot of food for thought for future posts.  These were the ones that sparked my interest:

You completely missed the point. People can identify with the same sorts of things without all fitting into the same exact mold. We nerds are not claiming to be ‘unique’. No where in this video is anyone claiming that. We’re just better than those that don’t admit to liking things for fear of not fitting in. Those that HAVE to have the latest fashion trends because they’re scared no one will like them unless they do. People so obsessed with being like everyone else that they’re boring.

To quote Bill Gates… “Be nice to nerds, chances are you’ll end up working for one.”

i think their are multiple perceptions of a “Nerd”. Example:

Do you seriously believe that bullying others make you cool? Yea “nerds” identify with eachother, because they have been put through the same things, that doesnt mean they dont have different interests or personalities. They dont wear the same clothes as everybody else do. Social reject from the popular kids, not from any other nerd, or just a regular nice kid. And honestly who wants to be friends with a dude who cant think for himself, and thinks its cool to bully other kids?

I’m gonna stop know[sic], cause the rule say:
“Don’t Feed the Troll!”

All people identify in shared experiences while simultaneously having different personality traits, whoopdee-fucking-doo. That does not make you more unique than anybody else. Identifying as a “nerd” and liking shit like this video because it makes you feel special does not make you unique, it makes you a dime a dozen. “They don’t wear the same clothes as everybody else do” Congrats on all being different in the exact same way, I applaud you.
Eroseth <This is the troll btw. Most of his comments have been downvoted so much you can’t see them or they were marked as spam.

This post is already long enough so I’m going to pick apart some the ideas mentioned in those comments in separate posts. So feel free to share your thoughts about Felicia Day’s most recent offerings to the nerd world. Be warned: I don’t mind if you have INTELLIGENT negative things to say, but keep it clean and polite. Otherwise I will delete your comment.