Thank You Douglas Adams for Your Genuis!

Posted on March 11, 2013


DouglasAdamsGoogleToday’s Google Doodle is a wonderful reminder of a brilliant comedic author. I hate that people discount humorous writing as fluff. The satire in Adam’s diverse media is an important reminder to people of how to deal with human situations, of the wonders and mysteries of the universe, or that progress for the sake of progress is not always a good thing. There are so many things comedic writing can teach us in a way that is safe and accessible. Here’s to you Mr. Adams! I even included a reading from one of his books in my vows to my husband at our wedding. This was the passage I read:

They looked at each other for a moment.

The moment became a longer moment, and suddenly it was a very long moment, so long one could hardly tell where all the time was coming from.

For Arthur, who could usually contrive to feel self-conscious if left alone long enough with a Swiss cheese plant, the moment was one of sustained revelation. He felt on the sudden like a cramped and zoo-born animal who wakes one morning to find the door of his cage hanging quietly open and the savanna stretching gray and pink to the distant rising sun, while all around new sounds are waking.

He wondered what the new sounds were as he gazed at her openly wondering face and her eyes that smiled with a shared surprise.

He hadn’t realized that life speaks with a voice to you, a voice that brings you answers to the questions you continually ask of it, had never consciously detected it or recognized its tones until it now said something it had never said to him before, which was,


Love is a hard thing to quantify, to put into words (especially between awkward nerds) yet he did it so well. I said yes to my wonderful geektastic husband that day and Douglas Adams helped.

What is your favorite moment from Douglas Adams’ media?


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