LGBT on TV This Fall, or just G?

June 26, 2012


Preface: This article is about LGBT culture or lack thereof on TV. I’m an ally and do my best to handle these situations delicately, if there’s anything I say which comes across as not sensitive, please let me know so I can edit it. This past weekend I might has missed my first SF Pride […]

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Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum! I Smell the Blood of an Internet Troll

June 13, 2012


We all know these days that, much like everything else, bullying has gone viral. Internet trolls abound. You think people had too much time on their hands before the invention of the internet. Before people gossiped and bullied with their local friends, maybe WAY back in the day they sent letters. Now one comment on […]

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What the hell is a Second Wave nerd?

June 9, 2012


Nerd 2.0 is about the new wave of nerds. We’re normal people who embrace our passions! We want to participate in nerdom and not be judged. Whether you’re a lady geek who wants to prove that you can love gaming without looking like Team Unicorn or a film nerd who cares more about Ridley Scott […]

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