Nerd 2.0 Goes to NorWesCon March 26, 2013

Geek Out: March Madness Edition

March 14, 2013


I don’t watch basketball but these are the things I have march madness nerd fever out over this month! Tropes vs Women in Video Games – Yay! The first installment in this has finally come out and it’s just as brilliant as I hoped it would be. The creator took A LOT of grief when […]

Thank You Douglas Adams for Your Genuis!

March 11, 2013


Today’s Google Doodle is a wonderful reminder of a brilliant comedic author. I hate that people discount humorous writing as fluff. The satire in Adam’s diverse media is an important reminder to people of how to deal with human situations, of the wonders and mysteries of the universe, or that progress for the sake of […]

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Geeking Out: February Edition

February 11, 2013


Here are the things I’m geeking out about in February: “Batman on Robin” art exhibition at Mission: Comics and Art – It was a great exhibition, if you’re in the area I would definitely suggest stopping by. It’s a quick exhibit but well curated. Warning: some of the art is of an explicit nature. Drawing […]

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The Dynamic Duo- More Then Just Partners in Crime-fighting

February 10, 2013


San Francisco is the first city I’ve actually read the paper regularly. I read The Guardian and SF Weekly every Wednesday when it comes out on my way to work. Reading the newspaper really makes you feel grown up, let me tell you. Any who, I saw an article about comics which peeked my interest […]

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Pole Geek – My New Obessesion, Pole Fitness

July 31, 2012


So when I moved to San Francisco I wanted to explore new things! I look at Groupon a lot. It’s refreshing to finally live in a city that has Groupons. I really wanted to get in shape when I moved out here. It’s something I’ve struggled with since college. In high school I was really […]

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Protagonists have to Protag! – Wonder Woman fighting a losing battle.

July 9, 2012


I was told this once in critique to a short story I was writing by a really great guy who influenced me a lot when I first started thinking of myself as a creative. It seems to me this would be excellent advice for Brian Azzarello to follow with the new DC Wonder Woman storyline. […]

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